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The equalizer manager :structure and action in the public sector

Autor(es): Bianor Scelza Cavalcanti
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Performing a managerial role in government organizations involves challenges that at times appear insurmountable. Despite being subject to the requisites of efficiency that infuse the rational management of any undertaking, public administration is also the object of issues of power that identify its political nature. This attribute of Public Administrations alone justifies it as a field of disciplinary knowledge deserving specialized study. Such studies should promote better understanding at descriptive, analytical, or even reflexive levels, while always favoring normative interventions that improve decisions, actions and, consequently, results. The applied nature of the field study of Public Administration demands this. The purpose of this book is to promote understanding on the managerial "action" of public administrations in the management of their organizations within the Brazilian context.





1. From Design Improvisation: Reinterpreting Organizational Design

2. Administrative Reforms in Brazil form the Standpoint of "Organizations Design"

3. Manager and their Depositions

4. Structure and Action in Public Organizations: the managerial strategy of the leaders


Appendix 1 - Mathodological procedures: processing and editing the interviews

Appendix 2 - Glossary

Appendix 3 - Proper names

Appendix 4 - Interview outline

Appendix 5 - Tables

Appendix 6 - Brief profiles of public figures

Appendix 7 - Institutional profiles

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