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Shifts in Brazilian Income Distribution and Well-Being in the XXI Century

Autor(es): Marcelo Cortes Neri
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This book develops a unified approach on measurement, causes and consequences of income distribution changes in Brazil during the last 30 years. The main objective is to test the limits of this research agenda based on the processing of various microdata sources, followed by a quite lively public debate. We look at both the mean and the inequality of income in periods of improvement and of deterioration. Each chapter gauges a different dataset or dimension of wellbeing evolution.

Marcelo Neri
Part I
Inclusive growth after the dawn of the millennium

Chapter 1 What are the main drivers of Brazilian income distribution in the new millennium? 
Marcelo Neri
Chapter 2 Formal earnings inequality in Brazil: The role of firms, education and top incomes 1994-2015 
Marcelo Neri, Cecilia Machado, Valdemar Pinho Neto
Chapter 3 The gender wage gap and the life cycle profile in the formal labor market 
Cecilia Machado, Marcelo Neri, Valdemar Pinho Neto
Chapter 4 Returns to education, intergenerational mobility and inequality changes in Brazil 
Marcelo Neri, Tiago Bonomo
Chapter 5 Top incomes’ impacts on inequality, growth, and social welfare: Combining surveys and income tax data in Brazil 
Marcelo Neri, Marcos Hecksher
Chapter 6 Fiscal redistribution: Dynamic microsimulation 
Marcelo Neri, Rozane Siqueira, José Ricardo Nogueira, Manuel Osorio
Chapter 7 New imputation procedures in the measurement of inequality, growth, and poverty in Brazil 
Marcos Hecksher, Marcelo Neri, Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva

Part II
Well-being: Causes, income strata and chronology

Chapter 8 Inclusive growth and opportunities: Income policies, the labor market and price decompositions 
Marcelo Neri
Chapter 9 The new middle class: The bright side of the poor 
Marcelo Neri
Chapter 10 Top incomes’ impact through the integration of household surveys and personal income tax data (2012-2020) 
Marcelo Neri, Marcos Hecksher
Chapter 11 A Perceived Human Development Index 
Marcelo Neri
Chapter 12 Polarization, perceptions and protests: The dark side of equality 
Marcelo Neri
Chapter 13 The evolution of wellbeing in Brazil and elsewhere 
Marcelo Neri, Luisa Melo, Samanta Sacramento
Chapter 14 Lessons learned 
Marcelo Neri
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