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Sagres: A strategic revolution

Autor(es): Luiz Fernando Da Silva Pinto
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Based on nearly four decades of practice in the art of strategic planning, Luiz Fernando da Silva Pinto provides in this book a provoking thesis about the development of a great adventure - the Sagres School. The clear, lucid and detailed analysis of events that took place more than 500 years ago allows the reader to get in touch with the unfolding of one of the major strategic initiatives that happened after the year 1000. The Infante D. Henrique (Prince Henry) and all of those surrounding him come to life here. In this book, strategic action, its foundations, and the tactical discussions are seen through the magnifying glass of an expert. It is not a mere historical investigation; instead, it is the analysis of a project that has leveraged Portugal and, for that matter, the Western world, into an adventure that still goes on. This reading is a must for those who wish to dare and to investigate new ideas.

Two-time winner of the Jabuti Award.

Jorge Oscar de Mello Flôres

First Words: Reasons for Sagres


PART I - From History to Portugal
Chapter 1
The Portuguese arrow: strategic roots in the establishment of the
Portuguese nation
Chapter 2
The Bastard prince: opportunism and entrepreneurship
Chapter 3
John of Gaunt’s role in Portuguese history: the man who wanted
to be king
Chapter 4
Geoffrey Chaucer: closing the intellectual gap between the Royal
House of Portugal and the European cultural vanguard
Chapter 5
Philippa of Lancaster: author of a remarkable modernity shock
in the Portuguese Court

PART II - Portugal, royal will and strategic
Chapter 6
The formation of a central strategic management and progress
nucleus in Portugal: the historical inflexion of the Sagres Project
Chapter 7
Portugal and the dawn of the 15th century: fighting the perverse
Chapter 8
The Queen’s relentless logical discourse: the great strategic
Chapter 9
The old partnership between Portugal and the sea: a strategic wealth
Chapter 10
Key-structure of strategic viability of the Sagres Project
Chapter 11
The education of the princes for strategic social behavior:
an avant-garde preparation

PART III - From Portugal to History
Chapter 12
The key-personalities of the launch of the Sagres Project:
a tentative design
Chapter 13
The permanent adjustment of the objectives and goals set out
Chapter 14
The indispensable mobilization of (superior) legitimizing force
Chapter 15
Assembly of a progressive system of successive strategic advances
Chapter 16
Dominion of a network of strategic instruments for the integrated
development of the Sagres Project
Chapter 17
The strategic expansion: new Ceuta, the great advance towards
India and the discovery of Brazil
Chapter 18
Final words: forever reborn


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