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New studies on civil-military relations and defense policy in Brazil

Autor(es): Ebape Organizador(es): Octavio Amorim Neto
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"After one of the longest military regimes in Latin America's history, Brazil transitioned to democracy in 1985. It was inevitable that, from then on, the political power of the military would decline. However, the extent to which the country's armed forces would eschew politics was never clear, given the vast role it had always played in domestic affairs since the onset of the republic in 1889."

Civilian Scholars and the Study of Civil-Military Relations and Defense Policy in Brazil’s Unstable Democracy
Octavio Amorim Neto

Inching Forward: The Evolution of Civilian Control in Contemporary Brazil’s Ministry of Defense
Gabriel Alves Pimenta

Peacekeeping and Brazilian strategy in the early 21st century: missed opportunities
André Anselmo

The civil-military politics of indigenous affairs in Brazil (1967-2021)
Camila Scheidegger Farias

Threats, civil-military relations, and inequality: explaining economic development content in declaratory defense policies of
democracies (1998-2012)
Igor Acácio

Transparency and Civil-Military Relations: assessing civilian access to military records in Brazil and Mexico (1981-2012)
Karina Furtado Rodrigues

Brazil, Colombia, and the Korean War: small powers’ reasons for joining military coalitions, and what do they gain?
Pedro Accorsi

Conclusion: Bolsonaro and Beyond: The Future of Defense Studies in Brazil
Octavio Amorim Neto

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