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Operation Acolhida: an oral history

Organizador(es): Celso Castro, Eduardo Mello, Carolina Soares Sousa
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Operation Acolhida was created in 2018 by the Brazilian government as a response to the increase in the migratory flow from Venezuela, the largest in recent Latin American history. This book is the result of seven interviews about Operation Acolhida, carried out in 2021, within the scope of the FGV CPDOC Oral History Program. The interviewees, four military and three civilians, occupied important positions, although in different organizations, in the coordination of activities involved with the reception, shelter and internalization of refugees.



Colonel Georges Feres Kanaan 

Colonel Carlos Frederico Gomes Cinelli 

Colonel João Roberto Albim Gobert 

Coronel Carlos Alexandre de Souza 

Pablo Mattos 

Yssyssay Rodrigues 

Marcela Ulhoa Silveira Bonvicini